Sunday, May 5, 2013

Mascara Mondays: Majolica Majorca Lash King

Once upon a time, in a kingdom far, far away (a mall a 5-minute walk away from the office), there lived a king who could fulfill all your (lash-related) wishes. One day, the king jumped off his golden throne and decided he would grant the wishes of even more saps girls across the land. He sought a way to make himself available to a wider audience. 

'Come, my noble steed! Let's ride!'

Last year, Majolica Majorca had a price slash on one of it's best-sellers: The Lash King Mascara. A colleague and I flocked to the mall and purchased two each - one for ourselves and one as a gift. After all, who would could resist its royal charms? It's sure to put a smile on anyone's face ( ・∀・)
Oh great Lash King, please grant me the gift of  curly, long and thick lashes 八(^□^*) 
Name:  Majolica Majorca Lash King
Color:  Black (BK999)
Regular Price:  P795 (got it for P499!)
Product Promise (from MM website since I lost the box orz):

Unlimited length, Ultra thickness, unbelievable fullness Mascara that perfectly satisfies lashes.
The Acrobat brush performing a balancing act
Top: Bare lashes, curled
Bottom: Two coats of Lash King on upper lashes, one coat on lower lashes
What I like

✓ Lengthens - This fiber mascara lets my short lashes peek out of my semi-monolid eyes
✓ Volumizes - Your lashes will pack on the pounds
✓ That gorgeous pink, black and gold packaging ♥
✓ Waterproof
✓  Easy to remove - I've heard horror stories about how difficult it is to remove MM mascara but this one comes off quite easily with an oil-based makeup remover

What I don't like
✖ Does not hold a curl - after a few hours, my peasant lashes bow down to the King lol
The big brush makes it hard to reach corner and lower lashes
Prone to clumping - prolly best to separate lashes with an eyelash comb afterwards
Panda eyes by the end of the day (for oily lids + humid weather)
✖ Makes lashes "crunchy"
✖ Has a strange smell (not entirely unpleasant, it's bearable..)
✖  Pricey - I understand this is a high quality product but this just did not work for me :(

What I sorta like...
Quick-drying formula -You won't have to wait that long for your lashes to set but if you make a mistake during the application process, it'll be harder to reverse.

I will not buy this again. I need something that can really hold a curl. However, this mascara did do as it promised and works for a lot of people so if you're interested, MM recently had another price slash for it so it's possible they'll do it again (^^)As for me though, the quest for long, fluttery lashes continues! Here's to hoping the other MM mascaras get a price slash of their own, those comb-type mascaras look promising.

How bout you? Did the Lash King fulfill your deepest lash desires? :)

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  1. Oh how the mighty has fallen! Tsk tsk tsk! I was so inggit at you guys for purchasing Lash King pero as if naman I like mascara. I always feel like I have batwings stuck on my eyelids if I use it.

    Oh well, another day, another mascara. To, and beyond!

  2. hi baby! te v here. I thought this would have a superb effect (since MM products are quite expensive and I've read some raves about them) tsk. I still swear on Maybelline's mascaras. Not as expensive but gives the best result anyway (for me) but good review. I heard MM's eyeliners (i dont know which one or what name) are good. Hope you'll make a review of it too

  3. Hi Ate Vi! Thanks for viewing my blog :) Yeah, sad that it didn't work for me :( But I'm willing to try other MM products if they go on sale again teehee. Tama ka, Maybelline mascaras are real nice, real bang for your buck. I'll make a review on the one I'm currently loving in the fyoochurrr

  4. I guess the King can't please everyone :( but he is still a good king for he has uplifted many others XD And it looked really nice on you gud Aich! You had lashes for daaaays~

    How I wish Sasa would open a store here T T